June       19-22 and 26-29*

July        10-13 and 17-20*

August   July 31 - August 3 and 7-10*

              Summer school will run from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. on these days.


  1. The Elementary Summer School sessions will provide programming for students entering grades 1-5 or 6 depending on student needs.
    1. Power Hour includes math and reading practice/instruction
    2. Physical Activity includes work in the school garden and outside interactive games.
    3. Music includes play production and/or Band lessons
    4. Crafts includes summer themed project choices for students
    5. * Full day field trips at the end of each 2 week session (students need to be in attendance for summer school programming 7 of the 8 days to attend).
    6. 4th of July Parade


  1. The MS/HS will provide the following programming:
    • Personal Fitness:activities will be varied and personalized to student abilities.
    • Math: General Math Skills or Credit recovery
    • Credit Recovery/Study Skills: focus on content recovery and/or  study skills to prepare for Middle and High School success.
    • Music: Band lessons.


  • CPR will be offered by Red Cross trained staff on the following dates: July 20th and Aug. 10th. Enrollment is limited to 10 participants.